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About the ThemeCloud Team

The team behind ThemeCloud all share the same vision and passion for what we do. Our team focuses on creating a solution for problem, making it easy to use and to top it off, we all ♥ WordPress.

For the past decade, our team has been involved with WordPress in some fashion. Contributing to the core, community events, selling themes or running one of the leading WordPress theme marketplaces. We’ve watched WordPress and the entire industry evolve and shape into what it is today.

Our Early Years

Our founders, J.R. Farr and Brady Nord are the creators of one of the leading WordPress theme marketplaces, MOJO Marketplace (formerly MOJO Themes). This gives them a distinct advantage seeing both sides of the industry.They understand what it takes to design and build the perfect theme for customers. Additionally, they watched customers of the marketplace become excited about the idea of having a beautiful looking website.

The problem? There’s a lot of technical knowledge that goes into getting your website online before you pick that perfect design for you business. As customers are looking to get online, it quickly becomes difficult to figure out how to buy a domain name. They were confused on what that meant. They also need to purchase web hosting. Another foreign concept. Then it was time to install WordPress, then find the perfect theme. To top it all off, now they needed to learn how to install and configure the theme to actually look how they wanted. The result was more confusion and frustration.

This is where ThemeCloud comes in. ThemeCloud offers the power of WordPress with the simplicity of a website builder for beautiful and affordable websites. Simply choose a theme design and we’ll take care of the rest. WIthin minutes, everything will be setup and you’ll be logged into your new WordPress site ready to edit your content. It’s a simple as that.

Introducing ThemeCloud - Powered by MOJO Marketplace

The team behind ThemeCloud is the same team that brought you MOJO Marketplace. We power the WordPress installs and marketplace for some of the webs leading hosting brands. HostGator, Bluehost, iPage, Domain.com and more all rely on MOJO Marketplace for their customers. We know what it takes to launch a solid WordPress website. You can be rest assured our team built ThemeCloud the same way. You can expect your site to be fast, secure and stable.

With all that being said, we’re excited to share with the world our latest product — ThemeCloud. After years of being in the industry, we have taken everything we know about building WordPress websites and removed all the technical hassle.

Choose a beautiful theme and we’ll take care of the rest. ThemeCloud is the easiest way to get your website online. Today.