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  1. How to get started

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  2. How to login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard

    Login into your Theme.Cloud site easily. With ThemeCloud we've made it incredibly easy to manage your site. 


    Step 1. Login to your account. More on that here


    Step 2. From the menu click on your Dashboard. 


    Step 3. On the right hand side you will see a black button labeled "WordPress Login"

    This is located here: 


    That's it! You are now logged into your site. 

  3. If my site goes down, how do I get it back up.

    You lost your site?! Not to worry, we've got you covered. Please contact our support team with as much detail as possible. Please include screenshots if applicable. We'll have your site back up in no time. 

    Here's a link in case you missed it. Support


  4. How do I purchase a new site using ThemeCloud

    Please contact one our knowledgeable Web Consultants to set up a new site quick and easy for you. 

    Call now!  855-457-1242


  5. Where do I log in to my ThemeCloud account?

    Step 1. Go to Theme.Cloud


    Step 2. Look on the top right corner of the page. There will be a "Login" link in the menu